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Tangled Up In Blue

Welcome to Jimjan’s Journal. Half man half woman I hear you ask.  Indeed not.  I am the girl child of Jim and the son of Jan…….only kidding….about the latter anyhow.  I am the daughter of Jim Currie who part created me, my mother Elizabeth Currie nee Johnston doing the rest.  Together they made me…Jan.

But enough of this Jim and Elizabeth begat Jan business and move onto another type of introduction.  My journal.

This is my page, my reflections on life, what makes me laugh and what makes me tick, beginning with some lyrics from a song, the title of which sums up my psyche setting up this blog.

“Then she opened up a book of poems and handed it to me Written by an Italian poet from the thirteenth century And everyone of them words rang true And glowed like burnin’ coal, Pourin’ off every page Like it was written in my soul.”  Tangled up in Blue – Bob Dylan




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