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If someone had asked me ten years ago, my favourite place, I’d have said by the water.  I love water.  Any kind of water.  Whether it be the sea rushing to shore, a river flowing, a pond glinting, a burn, a puddle, a shower, a hot tub, I don’t care, just allow me to beContinue reading “Water”

Walk into History

History stepped into the inevitable and yet shock fluttered its wings.  Queen Elizabeth II passed away.  This a polite phrase used to soften the harshness of reality.  The Queen had freed one’s horses, had taken her last breath.   This event occurred on the 8th September 2022, when crown orb and sceptre were loosened from herContinue reading “Walk into History”

Unfurl the Curl

Two years.  It’s been two years.  A lonely two years, relationships put to the test, tempers tempered, on some heads, not all.  Yes, the world has twirled madly on its axis for two years, a whirling dervish of disease and other things.  What other things?  Video group singing, guitar playing, saxophone, trumpets, drums.  A veritableContinue reading “Unfurl the Curl”